Fighting Through A Recession – Kristina Sullivan Adventures

Think I’d better let it go.
Looks like another love T.K.O.
– Teddy Pendergrass

We are at the last week of the year 2010, which still leaves a bit of time to make good on some new years resolutions before we decide to make some new ones for the up coming new year.

For those who are not familiar with the person in the image, she is none other than Kristina Sullivan a.k.a. Kris Beatz who decided to give you a sneak peak in regards to what is in store for Your Friendly Neighborhood in 2011 as well as a benchmark for where we have arrived in 2010.

Again, as a Lifestyle Magazine, the style of life is best demonstrated by Kristina as a prize fighter, and we have been blessed with the opportunity to travel along with her on this adventure to a photoshoot Adriohn Richardson of ARRT Photography with for an upcoming calendar release.

What more needs to be said?
Simply that you should be sure to stay tuned as Kristina has saw fit to take you along with her for her upcoming adventures in 2011, which you may be lucky enough to come out and enjoy in person.

Stay Tuned.