Mesheena B – PH "In The Pool" Project Winner – Week #1

Images by Christopher Knight

Welcome Home.
Moving forward, lets first ask exactly what inspired you to tune in to this post, because whatever it was, you can rest assured that you are far from alone, hence you have the basic fundamentals of social media made simple.

The “In The Pool” project that was introduced yesterday for the Summer was met with a thumbs up which in this case indicates a winner for the first week of the campaign, so please put your hands together and give a warm round of applause for Mesheena aka MeeMee B.

Judging by her recent landing of some popular magazine cover spots, it appears that she has become accustomed to winning, yet the challenge with social media websites are showing an overcrowding effect which results in traffic jam spam in the rush from the masses who are also looking to win, which indicates that a working solution come only come in the form of a quality assurance team who act as standard bearers of excellence in order to keep the good stuff separated from the junk.

We invite you to visit and get familiar with MeeMee by visiting her on her personal Facebook page, and will leave you with a small sample gallery as an appetizer.

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