Pocket Sized Constitution – A Pimpish Fashion Statement

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Freeday)
As a result of being in a creatively inspired mood similar to the actual authors of the US Constitution at the time of its creation, I decided to explore ways in which an individual such as myself could do an effective job of ensuring that the government of my birth stays in pocket, and this literal application is what a search query returned with!

As a fashion statement, pulling one of these out of your purse or pocket at some point in a social setting or discussion is sure to be what is being classified by others as a game changer and by myself as a game rearranger as it would unarguably put the legal system in your pocket, just like a bonafide made man or woman who gives what they get and gets what they give, which is what?
You’ve guessed correctly.

Get/Give It In Writing!

Good, now click this link for product information purchase @ Amazon.com and let’s keep this show going.

A different perspective to consider.