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T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday)
Whats new and good in the hood? On this end, a long held position is showing itself to have been correct all along and simply required the application of a virtue known as patience.

We have noticed a pattern of behavior that was first spotted during the days of Myspace, in which individuals including ourselves at times began to load up on and hoard as many friends as was possibly allowed to by the social media website, to the extent that third party programs were actually developed to automatically add friends or send out requests to countless individuals simultaneously.

The same type of phenomenon than began to occur on Twitter in which followers were automatically added in bulk through the use of these programs to give visitors and onlookers the impression of popularity and importance through the number of followers listed on ones Twitter profile.

On Facebook, and perhaps it is only what is visible on our social media outposts,
what started off as a wise attempt to keep friendship connections exclusive to individuals are already formerly acquainted with each other personally, outside of cyberspace, has now succumb to the allowance of bulk friend adding mania while still keeping the limit at or around 5000.

While I can see a value in the desire to become acquainted with new people or have new people become acquainted with you for example, the danger would show in the lessening of the quality of the friendship connections for the sake of the increasing of the quantity of friendship connections, and while technology insiders struggle with how to resolve the issue of groupings and circles within a social circle by using algorithms and other autobot methods, we can simply state from a perspective that for the most part, there is still an actual soul behind every social media IP address.

Putting it in even more simplistic and somewhat ebonic terms, we would need to ask if ones game is not flourishing with the current amount of friends, will adding masses of friends actually

A. Help the situation to become better?
B. Help the situation to become worse?

To each his/her own as for some more of anything is better including chaos and confusion, yet for those who seek different results, we have developed and implemented a working system that equally distributes the communication and recognition of importance for all parties involved, as studies have shown that most will not be effectively listened to or heard in a conversation in which each solely desires to be listened to and heard by the other.

Blah blah blah, but if you have made it this far, we invite you to tune in and tell a friend about the PH Social Media Solution which demonstrates a law of physics by showing that there is an elimination of a need for any individual at one party, to attempt to get others to come to another party, if each are all at the same party simultaneously, or more simply put, a part of


"3" Is The Magic Number