Google Street Captures A Woman In The Nude

Image from Google Street Of Woman In Miami FL

Now this is where tech knowledge meets street knowledge at a point of no return.
News is circulating around the web about this Florida woman who was standing at her front door and had the image appear on the web thanks to Google Street, an image in which she just happened to be in the nude for.

A Florida woman was caught in the nude by a Google Street View camera outside her Miami home and the sighting set the Internet aflutter. The unidentified woman is pictured naked on her doorstep holding a water jug.  Faces of individuals are typically blurred or pixilated on Street View, according to the Smoking Gun, but the woman’s body was not initially blurred. (Google Street View)
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Keeping it brief, it can be said that before we get into the whole Big Brother debate, let the record reflect that there are actually quite a few women in modern society that would see this as a new opportunity to gain some desperately sought after online exposure and notoriety, and this would have to qualify as a new social media application that began where things often do, which is street level, as it very well could afford the users some additional Twitter followers, Facebook friends and comments, and even a Google + plus sign click or two.

Question: Do you think that this would afford this woman a Google+ profile since the image was captured by Google Street?
Answer: Depends. Google+ Google Street = Google + STREET edition!

A different perspective to consider.