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(Captains Log Stardate – 7/28/2011)
It is currently 6:45 am Pacific Time and this post is a continuation of last nights events.
While fixing some spaghetti after I returned home last night, the local PBS station that the television happened to be tuned into featured a show that is the name of the website for this subject review.

Keeping it brief, it actually confirms that I am not alone in my questioning of matters of such abstract quality, yet I am betting on the idea that there are actually many more individuals with the same sentiment who may very well have missed this and other similar shows due to the fact that some broadcasters and media outlets may believe that individuals who are viewing mainstream and ordinary news and entertainment content are simply not interested in such other worldly matters, and since it has already been proven otherwise by this online publication, I will simply do my part to add value to this type of subject matter by making it PIMPISH and KOOL so that a #truthtrend can harvest and at the same time use it as a focus point to begin my day.

This is the teaser for a forthcoming documentary film featuring Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host of PBS’ Closer to Truth –
Join Kuhn as he travels the globe, talking about God with over 50 scientists, philosophers, theologians – believers and non-believers, theists and atheists.

Closer to Truth and Into God are produced and directed by the Emmy Award-winning Peter Getzels at Getzels Gordon Productions, his Washington, DC-based production company.

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