Self Preservation – Today's Topic Of Emphasis

Othello Character


Noun: The protection of oneself from harm or death, esp. regarded as a basic instinct in human beings and animals.

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The topic of today’s discussion is as listed in the title, and keeping it simple, it is simply a term that each can choose to dedicate as much of their time and energies into researching as one may see fit, and we can just use this as a thought initiation point.

The header  image came about while conducting some personal research on the subject, and while searching for an image to communicate the idea, I came across the one selected which was hosted on a page about Othello in the form of a character analysis and how it correlates to the concept of self preservation.

How does he show self preservation?

War is an act of self preservation of freedom and life.  Othello’s position as an army General reinforces this act of self preservation.  The entire play can be viewed as a war allegory. Both Othello and Iago are Generals, Iago as a psychological general and Othello is an army general.  Iago’s plans are executed like small battles against Othello in which he is victorious.


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This is in my opinion an interesting perspective, and while I may only agree in part with the authors viewpoints, I will excersise some self preservation initiatives of my own by conserving keystrokes and continuing on with my own research and self analysis regarding today’s topic of emphasis.

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A different perspective to consider.