Change Is Inevitable – Is For Better Or Worse YOUR Decision?

Before I head out for today’s adventures, I decided to stock the shelves with some philosophical fodder that some of our viewers come to this online publication specifically for.

The word CHANGE is a popular buzzword, to the extent that a majority of Barack Obamas campaign promises were centered around the word. The technicalities come into play when we know to be careful what we wish for, as we may very well receive it and appear to have based on continuous current events on a small and grand scale.

This entry is tailored for you to do your own thinking and use this as a spark plug of sorts to ignite your own mental and emotional motor, so with that said, with the claim that change is inevitable, do you believe that the result of the change or changes are based primarily on your own decisions, or on external forces that are beyond your control?

Many I have asked claim that it is actually a bit of both, yet who am I to automatically agree with something just because many may believe as such.

To put it into perspective, there is or was some form of change in your life condition from yesterday to today for better or worse, and we can ponder on which description is most suitable for each of us individually, as well as whether or not, and to what extent if any, did our own decisions factor in to the change in condition, whether slight or severe.

I am off to the races.

A different perspective to consider.