Kreayshawn & Rick Ross Camps Collide At The VMA's – Who Is The Bigger Person?




Between us as friends, I have to fess up and admit that I did not have the opportunity to view the MTV Video Music Awards last night as I was distracted by less important matters such as the exclusive George Bush 9-11 Interview which aired on the square cable channel National Geographic which is featuring a week long series on the subject.

As a remedy for being left out of the loop, I simply waited to see what the web pointed out as points of interest, and what I came across is the subject that motivated you to click on this post title, and while I am way behind and out of the loop in regards to Hip Hop Beef proceedings, this bit of pimpformation is in fact relevant as it points to some deeper cultural issues and codes that should and will be addressed.

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Simply put, this news and video clip actually demonstrates the actual reason why Kreayshawn may have spoken ill of Rick Ross, which perhaps can now be justified.

My personal two cents?

If that (Kreayshawn) was my artitst,and she was generating as much revenue as she currently is in this slumping economy, and this type of situation was to present itself? Lets backup a few steps. I am certain that this situation would not have presented itself, as it required Rick Ross and his camp to be in The City Of Angels and travel to and from the event upon arriving to the city in the first place.
-Rylan Branch

Anyhow, news is news, so we can charge it to the game and increased street credibility for Kreyshawn and loss for Ross.
On with the show.

A different perspective to consider.