Show Me The Money – Pay Friday Initiatives 9-02-11

Seeing Is Believing - Believing Is Achieving


T.G.I.F (Thank God It’s Freeday)
What do we want to say about this header image as a lead off for month number 9 of 2011? The truth tends to work the best for me, so yesterday while I was taking it easy, I again interestingly bumped right in to some lunch money that I acquired through some simple effort that I was not at all expecting in regards to the opportunity itself, so I just happened to be in the right place at the right time around the right people, thinking and feeling the right things.

This is not a floss entry but rather a thanksgiving and faith testimonial of sorts as it reflects what is known as self affirmation, which does actually come in handy for me as a person whose unorthodox methods at times do appear to be outside of basic common logic even to me as the on looker, yet if the ends justify the means, then I stay true to what and how I do leaving each with the decision as to what may work best for you.

In closing, on the last day of August 2011, I mentioned that I may be headed to Disneyland for some vacation and leisure activities, and interestingly enough, while channel searching I wound up tuning in to the Walt Disney documentary on CNBC which aired yesterday evening to begin the month, and what I came away with from the program is that in all actuality, all that is, really is, was, and will continue to be created, so I now have added encouragement to continue on with my ventures into the vast unknown to see what the future holds in regards to the application of what is known as creative visualization as we all are aware of the popular belief held by many, which is that an idea only becomes real and legitimate at which point one can show the money that results from its execution, money which interstingly enough relays a message on Federal Reserve Notes which is displayed in the clipboard image above, and which I quote.


A different perspective to consider.