Useful Information

Well, you see, what had happened was….

While conducting some research about what the insiders in the digital media industry are classifying as the battle between useful and useless information on the Internet, I decided to investigate what the definition of useful information is as it would seem to vary for each and every individual, and while I could not locate any one specified definition or even a website regarding the concept, what did turn up was a link to the Vatican Website in which it specifically states the term Useful Information on the very top of the page.

While this is not a post to advocate or further the cause of any particular religious ideology, we can use it as a scale model for the creation of a functional and orderly system as for whatever reason, the website showed up on the top of a search engine query regarding useful information along with the fact that the old order, which is for the most part still intact, shows to also be looking for ways to advance into the digital age and remain relevant as indicated by the above image which was found in the Vatican Secret Archives section at the Vatican Mobile link.

Then again, in all honesty, since all that is was created,  it can be seen as a result of having some time on my hands on a Saturday evening, and deciding to just have some fun with this PH system to offer yet another different and useful perspective to consider.