2+2 = 22 – The Page Twins 22nd Birthday Bash @ Cabana Hollywood Friday 9/9/2011

The PAGE TWINS (NOEL & CATHERINE) 22nd BIRTHDAY BASH - Friday 9/6/2011 @ Cabana 1439 Ivar Ave. Hollywood, CA

  • Our deuce deuce (22 Birthday) is going to be here in 3 days!!!!! OH-EM-GEE!!!

    Tuesday Newsday it is, and just like butter on your breakfast toast, it’s the little things in life that seem to matter the most, so just in is the news that
    The Page Twins are hosting their 22nd Birthday Bash on Friday  9/6/2011 @ Cabana Club in Hollywood

    What you see, is what you get, so be sure to click this link for more information about both of
    The Page Twins and what you see and get.

  • Got it?
    Good, now on with the show!