I Love Haters – Why Is This Shirt So Popular?

This is something interestingly pimpish to add to the style section here at PimpHop.com for reasons you will understand after reading this brief entry.

Case in point, this actual term comes from the same place that many of the slang temrs that become normal conversation popularized in Hip Hop culture come from, which is known to you as the dreaded term PIMPOLOGY.

The popular buzz word known as hater is actually a shortened version of a label known as player hater and while we need not go into the full definition of each, we can just use the scenario as a point of notice in regards to how frequently slang terms and the concepts that they represent become the status quo after being popularized, while in prior times and instances, individuals would not be so sure if they wanted to be down with such unarticulate language and those who use it as regular speech.

In closing, all it really shows us is the value of this publication and its content as you may very well be getting the thought process and associated terminologies that will be used in normal casual and sometimes even professional business discussions way in advance of their popularity and normalization along with the leverage that comes with being ahead of scheduele, yet at the end of the day, the shirt and the concept it commmunicates oh so simply reflects what is frequently stated in the most simplistic terms here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com, which is none other than………
A different perspective to consider.