An Open And Honest Discussion About Reckless Eyeballing – Portland Perspectives Video

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Freeday)
While I was getting the material ready for this entry yesterday, I decided to post a Hip Hop song video clip on the subject to get my thoughts flowing in this direction and was again reminded of just how much of a demand for this type of approach to content creation there really is.

When I say this type, I mean an urban perspective approach as I often conduct search queries for terms to gather what the popular consensus is and wind up with a definition from the popular website known as and while many of the definitions that the viewers submit are not the most accurate definitions available, it again shows a key niche and demand for these types of terms and concepts along with their proper descriptions which seem to be appearing in the normal conversations of ordinary individuals, so as an example, this video from a Portland, Oregon journalism group effectively demonstrates this stance and shows how getting things out into the open and talking honestly about such matters can help to serve the greater good, which again, shows to be initiated by some form of urban slang words and concepts, to the extent that there is a book on the subject as listed in the header image in which many people would not be aware of where the term actually originated.

What do people of Portland think about reckless eyeballing while in the company of your mate? These perspectives are discussed during the “Live with Lisa Michaels” Love Chat segment airing LIVE the 2nd and 5th Wed of each month on Portland cable and Ustream. Re-broadcast on KWVT channel 17.1/17.2 on Saturdays 6a and 1p.

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