Stuff White People Like – Book And Website Review

Before you go and get all racist on us, first consider the fact that the author of these popular selling books, the website, and hot selling brand is in fact a white guy!

Whiter Shades of Pale: The Stuff White People Like, Coast to Coast, from Seattle’s Sweaters to Maine’s Microbrews

If you thought you had white people pegged as Oscar-party-throwing, Prius-driving, Sunday New York Times–reading, self-satisfied latte lovers—you were right. But if you thought diversity was just for other races, then hang on to your eco-friendly tote bags. Veteran white person Christian Lander is back with fascinating new information and advice on dealing with the Caucasian population.

I wont even put my spin on it and just say that from an Internet marketing standpoint, it is an invaluable resource, especially after the film
The Social Network was recently released expanding on the life and times of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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