Pimpin' In The 70's – A Documentary By Bishop Don Magic Juan

DMJ & DT @ Le Prive -Koreatown Los Angeles

Greetings Earthlings!
This is actually a follow up to yesterdays entry in this section as it dawned on me that the duty of a leader is to accept responsibility for the allowance of what is not correct in order to assume the power to make the necessary corrections, so while we all do tend to lack the knowledge of the history behind much of what we do and enjoy, I today discovered that it was a base that was actually understood, agreed with, and covered by Bishop Don Magic Juan as he has provided this sacred footage and rare glimpse into The Lifestyle as it was conducted in the 1970’s era.

It is a two part series that I invite you to watch for your own education and enjoyment for those who have interest in such matters, and while there are those who likely may believe the footage to be comical and clownish, I believe that it demonstrates a Business Plan Made Simple, which involves having what others want/need and are in hot pursuit of, which in this particular case appears to be something as simple and at the same time elusive as what?

You’ve gussed it!


A different perspective to consider.