Real People vs. Fake People – Lets Discuss The Subject Of Identity

Giving Thanks For My Gift Of Discernment.

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It is yet another Tuesday Newsday and today we are in for a special treat.
As a result of moving forward and working out the bugs in this new and improved ultra pimp system, I figured it best to see if we can in fact work together to come up with solutions that work for the mutual benefit of everyone involved, so while conducting some research on matters of social media, I came across this insightful article on that explores the concept of a strict real name policy that has been implemented by Google+ (my personal Google+ profile link) and whether or not it really is in the best interest of its users as well as the website administrators to continue to keep this policy in effect.
Interestingly enough, it is an opinion article (OP-ED), in which the publication disassociates itself from the articles stance and sticks it to its author, which usually happens when there is some hard to stomach truth being discussed, and this particular article actually goes as far as attempting to be hip by using references from Hip-Hop culture and artists to explain the position held by its author, which often happens when a need to keep it real presents itself to a certain group of individuals.
In closing, what the article points to is the basic yet complex concept of personal and social identity, and while the concept of Fake ID’s is nothing new, the information age and its technologies have brought about some interesting and alarming trends that insiders know can be destructive to an entire society, which runs on what? You’ve guessed it… COMMUNICATION.
With that said, keeping this online publication embedded with substance is a must to retain its value, so the now normal formula of listing actual dictionary definitions of the terms has been applied so that each can now make more informed decisions about their identities, in regards to the preferred character traits of their own choosing.
Rylan Branch
The Janitor Lifestyle Magazine.


1    [ree-uhl, reel]
1. true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent: the real reason for an act.
2. existing or occurring as fact; actual rather than imaginary, ideal, or fictitious: a story taken from real life.
3. being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary: The events you will see in the film are real and not just made up.
4. being actually such; not merely so-called: a real victory.
5. genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation; authentic: a real antique; a real diamond; real silk.


[feyk] verb, faked, fak·ing, noun, adjective
verb (used with object)
1. prepare or make (something specious, deceptive, or fraudulent): to fake a report showing nonexistent profits.
2. to conceal the defects of or make appear more attractive, interesting, valuable, etc., usually in order to deceive: The story was faked a bit to make it more sensational.
3. to pretend; simulate: to fake illness.
4. to accomplish by trial and error or by improvising: I don’t know the job, but I can fake it.
5. to trick or deceive (an opponent) by making a fake (often followed by out ): The running back faked out the defender with a deft move and scored.