H8R (Hater) – New Reality Series On The CW Channel

I Got More Insight From The SAVED BY THE BELL Series! - RB

Looks like we are in business as we may be in a position to levy a usage tax on Hollywood for the distribution of Pimp Slanguage.

Just kidding, yet it again does add value and validity to exactly what was spoken about in this post in the style section of PimpHop.com about Haters and the concepts behind the term so I invite you to get familiar with this new spin on the Reality TV game, with this new program on The CW Channel, known as H8R (hater) hosted by Mario Lopez.

I just happened to be tuned in to this channel, and caught the episode with Eva Longoria and her H8R, and it does show to again be the beginning  and or continuation of something great and a business plan made simple.

Its great to see cast members from the hit series Saved By The Bell move forward to new opportunities, and my favorite example is as pictured below which I believe set the stage for all that followed.

Elizabeth Brekley - From Saved By The Bell, Then Graduating To Show Girls


A different perspective to consider.