Tyra Banks – "Never Dull Your Shine For Somebody Else"

Stand And Deliver - As Demonstrated by Tyra Banks

“Never Dull Your Shine For Somebody Else”
– Tyra Banks


A new celebrity image and statement that is both relevant and worthy enough to go in the Celebrity section here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com.

What had happened was, as I was scrolling down on the Google+ newsfeed list, I came across this featured image and statement, and thought about the fact that Tyra Banks, just like oh so many of the +1 billion of the fly women on the Internet and the world that she acts as a role model for, simply wants to get her message out, and while my first instinct was to push the share button on the Google+ profile, my more accurate and true to self assessment was to put her in a place that I believe she best belongs, and ojala’…..

What You See Is What You Get.