Nym Wars – Whats In A Name?

Nymwars is the name given to the conflicts over policies mandating that users of internet service identify using real names. They began in July 2011 when nascent social networking site Google+ began enforcing such a policy by suspending the accounts of users it deemed in breach. Pseudonyms, nicknames, and non-standard real names (for example, mononyms or names that include scripts from multiple languages) have all been suspended. The term was coined from “pseudonym” and appears to have gained prominence as the hashtag “#nymwars” on Twitter.

The resulting discussions has raised many issues regarding naming, cultural sensitivity, public and private identity, and the role of social media in modern discourse. The resulting debate has been covered widely in the press including Wired,[1]The Atlantic,[2] and The New York Times.[3]

Source : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nymwars

For those not up on things, the Nym Wars debate as described above is said to be one of the most important factors in determining the direction that the future of the Internet and social media will sway towards whether positive or negative.

On one side of the debate is concern about privacy and the role that the holders and ushers of the submitted information will play and how this information will be utilized.

On the other side of the debate is how the usage of pseudonyms and other less than accurate identity markers can and do effect the effectiveness and integrity of the services as well as how usage of pseudonyms can affect a society that is becoming increasingly more dependent on Internet technology.

As far as my personal stance on the issue as an employee at this online publication and actively working in the technology industry since 1999, my position may change from what is about to be stated below as it was on Twitter earlier today, yet my reputation is one that shows a reluctance to change and an increase in strength for original stances even when they are to the contrary of popular opinion as the wise have stated that it is never good to fear the eccentric opinion as the popular opinion was at one point the eccentric opinion.


TWITTER TRUTH= U wont find ANY who r Rich & Succesful going by online pseudonyms.U will see PLENTY Of BROKE MO’FOs that Do! – Rylan Branch

A different perspective to consider as the numbers of the first mentioned group above are declining and the last mentioned group increasing.