An Enjoyable Life Experience – R.B. Reporting Live From UC Riverside

The Book Of Life - As Told By Rylan Branch 10/18/2011

Well, its just a whatever type of thing with yours truly.

Today I decided to hit the block for today’s
Tuesday Newsday segment, and in the process configure this social media thing to work in the way that I believe that it should, and it looks to be a simple matter of getting to the people during the in between times when they are not online and then combining it into a package to show you as the viewer so that people know what to expect when I arrive on the seen (*scene)

Here, see for yourslef as it shows that a Good Time and Enjoyable Life Experience is still in demand!

Like it said on the church poster board this past Sunday.

To HELP the people, you must LOVE the people.
To SAVE the people, you must SERVE the people.

Got it, now on with the show.