The 1% vs. The 99% – Class Warfare Analysis By Rylan Branch

Occupy Wall Street Movement - Times Square NYC


The name of the place above is Times Square, yet I do wonder if there is another message being communicated through using the term square as a description of the times yet to each his own as the world moves forward or backwards towards the final climax.

As things on the global scene are becoming increasingly complicated, I have decided to travel in the opposite direction by increasing in simplicity, so I will conserve keystrokes by simply asking if each of the above percent classifications are like just about everything else, an end result of decisions that individuals make and a reaping of what one has sown in regards to which category they best identify with and picture themselves in on the pyramid?

I ask because at this stage in the game, my own decision which I have always believed it to all be a result of has long since been made which leads to careful consideration about perhaps offering others the opportunity to place themselves in the less popular yet more survival and prosperity conducive category based on their own preferences and feeling of self worth, or more simply put

“What You See Is What You Get”.

God helps those that help themselves, and loves those who love themselves.
– Rylan Branch

An “Eagles Eye” perspective to consider.