Warren Buffet And Jay Z – The Secret Millionaires Club Cartoon Series

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Freeday).

At long last, some credible help has arrived on the scene to help break the cycle of the
“cool to be dumb, customer posing as a hustler, the way to wealth is through posing like a rapper on the net believing that earning money is simply a matter of saying that one is gettin’ money” type of ideology.

The name of the venture is The Secret Millionaires Club and a special note of interest and respect is in the fact that the message and cartoon series is targeted towards younger children as opposed to “Generation Why?” 80’s babies who are currently in the age range of young adults which is another story in itself, yet this collaboration between Warren Buffet and Jay Z does open up doors for more of what looks to be a corporate/street knowledge mashups further demonstrating the near identical nature of both forms of thought and culture and their value when combined in one package.

A different and futuristic entrepeneurs perspective to consider.