Clients And Servers – The Only Two Types Of Machines On The Network



Network architecture

Network architecture is the design of a communications network. It is a framework for the specification of a network’s physical components and their functional organization and configuration, its operational principles and procedures, as well as data formats used in its operation.

In telecommunication, the specification of a network architecture may also include a detailed description of products and services delivered via a communications network, as well as detailed rate and billing structures under which services are compensated.

The network architecture of the Internet is predominantly expressed by its use of the Internet Protocol Suite, rather than a specific model for interconnecting networks or nodes in the network, or the usage of specific types of hardware links.

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Todays Tuesday Newsday installment to mark the beginning of the holiday known as Hanukkah will help us to explore the mysterious reasons as to why the subject of clients and servers can be discussed by experts both in the hood as well as in the information technology industry simultaneously as if there is some form of a similarity connection that exists between the two sectors that we can all work together to come up with some valid conclusions about.

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