Sprint HTC EVO 4G Is Now On Deck

In regards to having your phone game tight, this new device is what we may consider as the current front runner and top of the line smartphone with a fair price.

The highly anticipated phone recently released by Sprint does have all of the pimpish touchscreen features along with plenty of app selections, yet the buzz around this particular device is in regards to its 4G capabilities, which would classify this phone as the first of its kind in the U.S. and would finally make video chat on your mobile device a reality.

4G basically entails connection speeds 10x’s faster than 3G, and Sprint is actually transforming the event into a social media buzz generator by offering incentives for users who test the new device and share feedback via social media channels.

In closing, from the looks of things, major corporations appear to be quite interested in hearing directly from the users regarding their experiences with their products as if individuals could actually earn income by being employed to simply test products and share their opinions.

A different perspective to consider.