The Tanning Of America – Steve Stoute Book Preview

The business marketing genius at the forefront of today’s entertainment marketing revolution helps corporate America get hip to today’s new consumer-the tan generation – by learning from hip-hop and youth culture.

“He is the conduit between corporate America and rap and the streets-he speaks both languages.” -Jay-Z

“It’s amazing to see the direct impact that black music, videos and the internet have had on culture. I’ve seen so many people race to the top of pop stardom using the everyday mannerisms of the hood in a pop setting. It’s time to embrace this phenomenon because it ain’t going nowhere!” -Kanye West

Attention all Hip Hop EuntrpoNucca Mogul Boss Types!
This is definately worth reading, and while I have yet to read this piece as it may interrpt my own train of thought, I can simply say that in the most basic and simple of terms, that highly succesful individuals are shown to have a habit of continuous reading, studying, and learning, which does in fact add even more value to this online publication which provides a sufficient ammount of relevant material of its own in regards to this particular subject.

Can we at least get a video clip you ask?

A different perspective to consider.