Rockstar 101 – Rihanna Is A Money Maker/Rule Breaker

Perhaps its a testimonial of the fact that game recognizes game, so let the record reflect that Rihanna is on a whole different level.

I just had the chance to conduct a thorough analysis of her new song and video entitled Rockstar 101 featuring Slash from Guns N’ Roses, and it shows that she is single handedly holding down the entire much industry and pop culture in general as the force is unusually strong with her as an artist and entertainer.

A rockstar is a desirable thing to be for many girls and young women these days, and an opportunity to demonstrate the mission and collect tuition was capitalized on by Rihanna, while her last single Rude Boy is still buzzing on the airwaves.

The video is equipped with all of the Illuminati imagery to satisfy the needs of conspiracy theorist and fearful souls for years to come, which comes with the territory of just simply being outstanding and unique with a funny sounding name that begins with the letter “R”.

Can you match the frequency?

A different perspective to consider.