Amber Havana Says – “Cash Me If You Can”

"Cash me if u can ;)" Amber Havana


Welcome back to the Intergalactic Media Conglomoratti a.k.a.
The way that it works around these parts is to eat the cake first , blow out the candles second, and then sing the Happy Birthday song last, and if you are reading this entry, it automatically confirms that you are of the type that is able to process the meaning of this allegory.


Enter Amber Havana

Both of these featured treats come from Seattle, WA!!!

According to the words of the wise, the best remedy for that which makes the eyes sore, is to simply swap out the words and images with what is pleasing to the eyes inviting you to come and see more, so according to the personal preferences of the author, a woman representing live and direct from
The City Of Roses, by way of Seattle WA, appeared in front of my eyes with the writing on the wall saying CEO & Founder at Soul-La Productions, which led to the sight of an image such as this

which then manifests into a beautiful scene such as this,

Casting 12-8-11 @ Mt. Tabor Theater - Portland, OR

which points to a bright future to start 2012 as indicated by this.

In closing, the moral of the story is simply that the images and words that follow the top money shot image for this entry and also the title of this post make the title and imagery that goes with it that much more of a believeable and relevant statement, as again, we believe in the easier way, which is to eat the cake first, blow out the candles second, and sing the Happy Birthday song last.

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Got it?
Good, now on with the show.

A different perspective to consider.