Master P – Only God Can Judge Me (2011 Final Tuesday Newsday Report)

At last!
We have reached our destination which is the final Tuesday Newsday installment for the year 2011 here at Your Friendly Neighborhood, and for those who are able to stomach the truth about the fact that major change is and will continue to be in effect as evident by the world events of this year, we can go ahead and unveil what I consider as the best piece of news at the point known as the last, and actually sustain the value of the culture by pulling out this album from the archives at a time when the statement is that much more relevant.

The name of the album is Only God Can Judge me, by Percy Miller, commonly known as Master P.
As outlandish as it may sound, my personal stance is that his belief system and mastery of the “P” is the core reason behind his better than average results in business as well as his standard of living, all the while remaining true to who he is as a man, so with that said, lets look into the message and get “philosophical with the pimpin'” at which point you as the reader may be willing and able to travel to this high altitude.

What 2011 has shown from this perspective is an overwhelming increase in the importance that individuals place on the opinions and judgements that others have of them, to the extent that on many levels, it may show to be unknowingly all consuming as the highest priority for many individuals in the information age, and with the popularity of social media proving that the most important information for many is the analytical data regarding the opinion that others have of them, which is provided by and attained through online social media services, which again, may put the opinions and judgements that GOD and or who or whatever a person describes that word as has of them in a category of lesser importance.

Can we as humans actually really know what opinion GOD has for us while still living that is as accurately measurable as that experience by receiving feedback from humans and animals?

Since it the last Tuesday Newsday before the beginning of 2012, I will add my own opinion which can be classified as my own two cents to add to the mustard seeds worth of good faith value that we agree that two cents have.

The judgement and opinion that GOD has of a human being, and the judgement and opinion that a human being has for their self is exactly identical, with one minor yet extremely significat difference, which is that GOD’S opinion of ones self exists INDEPENDENT of other peoples opinions, where as humans opinions of their self show a tendency to be DEPENDENT on other humans opinions and judgements them.

The Solution?
Time Alone.”
– Rylan Branch

An “all eye seeing” perspective to consider.