eHarmony Free Communication Weekend

Captains Log Stardate – September 01, 2010
8:30 am Pacific Standard Time.

This one is just for the record books as a point of focus for the first day of September 2010 focus.

eHarmony is offering another one of their free communication weekend trials from September 03-05.

While I am not quite certain if any of our viewers use this and other popular match making singles site,  I am absolutely certain that our viewers are interested in business and pleasure, so let the record reflect that at the end of the day, as in the beginning, the first line of communication is between men and women, and judging by the amount of television advertisement in this area of focus,  one sector of online business that remains profitable and recession proof is that which connects the dots and charges a fee for the communication when it is honest, clear, and direct, and while the presentation is dressed up in a certain way for most wholesome online dating sites with the goal of compatibility and lasting committed relationships, underneath it all the name of the game is still the same, and the name is the very first part of the title of this Lifestyle Magazine and Brand.

Lets see what we can do.