Was/Is Jesus Christ A Pimp?

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All great truths begin as blasphemies.
George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to Day Number 8 of the New Year of 2012!
In regards to questions as to whether or not we really want or need to go here, I really do see it in the same way that I and many of us saw the year 2012 in the past, which shows that regardless of our thoughts about the upcoming year which is now the current one, with a few circles of the earth around the sun, we are here regardless, and since I believe that change is good and exciting, we can make it into an interesting discussion regarding where we have arrived.

As far as preparing my arguments and getting out the scriptures for the debate, I decided to make the change good by keeping it simple by recognizing that for yours truly, there is no argument, as my job and role is to simply bring the point to the surface for purposes of pondering as well as discussion for those who may wish to share their views with themselves and or others about the subject matter, or more simply put, my purpose is not to answer the question, but rather to help question the answer in an attempt to get you as the viewer to think and act accordingly.

We can also refer to an iconic artists’ interpretation of the story with her own different and unique perspective to consider, who just happens to be the preferred performer of choice selected to take the stage at this years 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Half Time Show.

Frequently Asked Question: Was/Is Jesus Christ A Pimp?
Seldom Given Answer: It is what it is, which is ultimately only what you choose to make it be.

Regardless, its on with the show.