Promote The Promoters – PH Social Media Solutions Featuring Jacqueline “Miss J” Karidis

A Pleasure To Be Around = Earning Money

Lets keep it simple and move forward.
Our orders from up top as of last weekend, which can be found at this link, state that we are to concentrate our efforts on Helping American Businesses to Succeed, so from the looks of it, the new face of American Business can be seen as it is viewed on Facebook and Twitter in the form of this young lady Miss J who is actively promoting events and moving ventures forward in the NYC area helping others to achieve their goals and reach an updated level of status known as satisfaction, so since succesful and prosperous business does show to all boil down to providing quality and effective service (value), we here at Your Friendly Neighborhood have developed a centralized point of service, or more simply put, we promote the promoters.

To stay in the loop with Miss J, visit her at the following locations.

Twitter: @lilmspromoter Lifestyle Magazine – Where Ideas And Action Meet For Lunch!