FAITH BRANDING – How “THE LORD’S” Skin Color Factors In To Employment And The World Economy

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Faith Branding

Faith branding is the concept of branding religious organizations, leaders, or media programming, in the hope of penetrating a media-driven, consumer-oriented culture more effectively. Essentially, faith branding treats faith as a product and attempts to apply the principles of marketing in order to “sell” the product. Faith branding is a response to the challenge that religious organizations and leaders face today regarding how to express their faith in a media-dominated culture.


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Moral of the story

It is what it is, and what it is is what we make it be, due to what we believe, expect, and accept it as.

“On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

If any individual imagines that the shot callers in Heaven/(sub-conscious mind) are Caucasian in the role of God and his Son Jesus Christ, then they will see and know a similar picture and story on Earth/(conscious mind) with characters that are in congruence with the original visual programming, yet it is their own belief that leads them to creative actions, which causes the imagined story to manifest as a visible reality due to the concepts of human belief, expectation, predisposition, and self fulfilling prophecy.

With that said, reality itself for each could and would automatically change, for better or worse, with a change in perception, which comes about through the act of considering the whole matter from a different perspective.