If They Hate Then Let ‘Em Hate And Watch The Money Pile Up – The #Occupy Movement From A Different Perspective

“i’ma tell whut banks told me cuz go ahead switch the style up
them niggas hate them let ’em hate and watch the money pile up ”
– 50 Cent In The Club

For those who can respect and appreciate the value of more urban perspective on matters of importance on global scale, this one is for you.

Simply put, is the result of what is stated above in the title the actual end result that the occupy protesters seek in exchange for their efforts?

Also, when the word occupy is stated, does the term not reflect an empty space in which something is to fill, and exactly who/what is it that individuals may be unknowingly asking to be occupied with or by as evident by the giving out of one’s number symbolized by the T Shirt image above?

The WON percent vs. the 99 percent. Decide your percent in 2012.

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