The Value Of A Minute – By Bob Proctor

(Editors Note –  February 8, 2012)
Just got this message in my email box and thought it would be good to share with our valued viewers.
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Bob Proctor @

12:27 PM (19 minutes ago) to me

“ Hi Friend,

If you’re like me you probably have people asking you for a minute of your time quite often.  However, we both know that no one ever only wants one minute; it’s usually more like 15 or 30 minutes.

Which seems reasonable – until you’ve sat down and thought about the actual value of one minute of your time.

I know we’ve all heard people say time is the most valuable thing in the world – but have you ever really considered that? Well, I was in my office over the weekend thinking about just that, and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Click here and I’ll share with you “The Value of a Minute”

Talk soon,
Bob Proctor