Santa Monica, CA – Very Therapeutic According To Bing

Wellness, lets see what we have on the menu for today.
If I worked at a publication where I was free to speak about whatever comes to mind and have it be the exact correct subject to discuss, it would point to the fact that Bing actually agrees with the outlook for today as on their homepage, the interactive daily image is none other than Santa Monica in Southern California which I immediately recognized when I opened the IE web browser which of course sets Microsoft’s Bing search/decision engine website as its default browser home page.

Someone somewhere makes decisions as to what image gets displayed on the homepage at Bing and has that to list as their job occupation, so on this end, I have heard it said before that we actually do become what we focus on and are what we pay attention to in essense meaing the substance of the object and or subject, and my thoughts can very easially become like Santa Monica to the extent that this online publication can be as an ejoyable of place to come to or more simply put, we can sell what we buy as we buy what we sell, which in my opinion, is simply what in my opinion is satisfaction.

Flash Mob America gathered flash mobbers from all over Los Angeles to raise awareness of Heal the Bay’s Coastal Cleanup efforts!
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A therapeutic perspective to consider.