“You Gotta Find Her Spot” – Too Short Offers “Solid Advice” To Young Middle School Teens

Since Fish Been Swimin' - Pimpin' Is The Only Effective Solution!

Problem = U.S. education system is dysfunctional and in need of an overhaul.
Solution = Pass the mic and the chalk for the chalkboard over to The Pimpin.

With that said, lets begin with Too Short seen taking matters into his own hands with the help of XXL Magazine, offering advice about “the basics”, to young middle school teens who have no other option but to see him as a credible authority.

(Side Personal Note) –  I actually heard my first Too Short dirty raps in the eighth grade circa 1988 by way of a friend who passed me a tape explaining that I had yet to hear anything with as much bass as was on this tape. Shit had to have BASS in the days of 808’s in the 80’s. Now look at what’s become of it!
(End Note)

A PIMPISH perspective to consider.