Think Like A Man – WAIT… Aint That What Lesbians Do?

Think Like A Man = Ellen Degeneres


Think Like a Man (2012)

Four friends conspire to turn the tables on their women when they discover the ladies have been using Steve Harvey’s relationship advice against them.

Wellness, when it comes to different perspectives to consider, I just let them fly as they come, and the decision was made to enter into the month of April with the shelves fully stocked ahead of what I anticipate to be one of the next popular trending topics and bandwagons perhaps unknowingly leading to undesirable places, that will appear on the social media landscapes.

No, I am not saying that there is anything wrong or right about being a lesbian or even how any individual thinks for that matter as all reaping results from sowing, so much so that Ellen Degeneres can get cross promotion publicity with this up coming movie that is based on a book by Steve Harvey, set to hit theaters in April 2012 as we keep it stirctly as a matter of media business.

This is simply to through caution into the wind so that individuals may more thoroughly consider the potential end results before they invest into this or any cause as it also seems from a third eye perspective that the counter balance for women thinking like men would be for men to be thinking like women, as evident by what we are seeing from the movies main spokesperson Kevin Hart, but again, I simply advise you as the reader to use your own best judgement by observing this video clip from this new and different perspective.