Joseph Kony – Looks Just Like One Of My Uncles

Every American Inner City Has One Of These!

Ok, now we’re talking on yet another Saturday/WhatReallyMattersDay so lets see what we can come up with.

No, I have yet to watch the documentary about this particular foreign bad guy of the day, as with anything “viral”, my Jedi instincts send a message to my immune system to shift my attention elsewhere, yet since it is the popular news of the weekend, its a good idea to add another unique perspective to consider.

While it is different strokes for different folks, it just so happens that seeing the picture of this individual Joseph Kony automatically cross referenced images on my own hard drive with those of relatives and this is without hearing the story as told by the slacktivist group about this individual who is being made famous.


With the celebrities that happened to jump on the band wagon, I question as to whether or not any of them as African Americans are aware of the fact that the human minds face recognition system works in a way that identifies faces with details and stories so that their own face may now be subconsciously seen as the villain, or even as the victim in the form of the African children, but unlike the hero in the form of the Slacktivist Group and their Invisible Children campaign whose job is to bring awareness to the plight of the poor Central Africans, while at the same exact time the poor and other class of African Americans can and do play a bigger part in the quality of life on the home front, beginning with but not limited to the first family of the United States, who interestingly enough happens to have an African Name.

I could go on, yet I believe its best to just conserve some energy and let time do it for us.