Did The Kony 2012 Movie “SWAGGER JACK” The Blood Diamond Film Storyline?

Joseph Kony Or Captain Poison From The 2006 Film - Blood Diamond?

Captain Poison – From The 2006 Film Blood Diamond

Captain Poison is the nameless leader of a local terrorist group, a smaller faction of the group R.U.F.

He is ruthless, evil, and unforgiving. He brutally kills any who oppose him, not to mention severs limbs of children. His preferred method of raising an army is to “raise them young”. He recruits (or rather, kidnaps) children to join his army, and creates numerous young “heirs”. Among the children he “mentors” is young Dia Vandy, son of the fisherman Soloman Vandy. Poison is one of the villains in the film Blood Diamond.
Source: imdb.com/character/ch0005942/bio

Only one way to know.
Review the Blood Diamond movie and form your own analysis.