“Hate One Because He Aint One” – The Treavon Martin George Zimmerman Matter Unveiled

The ORIGINAL Image And The COPY Image

Wellness, we are all still waiting for the proceedings to unfold with this public outcry that has now been upgraded to a matter of Federal Public Policy in which President Obama has now inserted himself into the matter directly which I believe stems from the fact that the slain teen was a potential candidate for a son in law and father of Obama grandchildren position at some future date with his elder daughter being so close in age to the victim.

What we can know at this point may be all we really need to know, which is that the matter is much bigger than it appears to be on the surface although its appearance is large in scope to begin with, yet since the beginning of time, a recurring story is the one where ones males lack of pull with the opposite sex can lead to a soul level state of envy in regards to another males abundance of pull with the opposite sex which leads to procreation of a group or species, to the extent that it shows up as somewhat of a scientific matter as the young teen was said to be armed with a bag of Skittles, which represent a rainbow, which according to the law of color pigments, all combine to form and proceed from the color black.

A Can Of Black Paint = A Rainbow Of Colors Combined

In closing, as its said and understood in some more urban settings, it appears to be a case of the old
“Hate One Because He Aint One” factor as told best by the introduction image in the post, and while no court worthy evidence has yet to come forth that confim or discredits the notion the killing was in self defense, let the record reflect that the defended self or selves in this matter may very well be taking on a 2012 Extinction Level Event form of self defense.