We Are The Company That We Keep

Third Image In A Bing Image Search Of The Phrase- "The Company That You Keep"


Moving Forward.
One goal for yours truly and those who wish to participate in 2012 is to finalize the methods of learning how other individuals who think the same or similarly can be found on the web through image searching as it reflects the mental pictures that one holds in their minds to go along with the words that compose ones thoughts which can reflect a common outlook or similar vision.

We all are of a mature enough age to know the rules and factors regarding this “Company That We Keep” idea even though even the best of us may not adhere to it in the most effective way at times, so we can just bring the matter up for thought and discussion along with the following question that I have asked myself since the beginning of this year.

“If we are the company that we keep, what happenes when one keeps company with GOD or whatever term one uses to describe a  Higher/Greater Power?”
– Rylan Branch

A different perspective to consider.