FIVESQUARE – The Property Value Goes Up When We Step Into The Building

It's Just Like A Game Of Monopoly. I Stand Above And Outside The Box Counting $13 Dollars.

Value Theory

Value theory encompasses a range of approaches to understanding how, why and to what degree people should value things; whether the thing is a person, idea, object, or anything else. This investigation began in ancient philosophy, where it is called axiology or ethics. Early philosophical investigations sought to understand good and evil and the concept of “the good”. Today much of value theory is scientifically empirical, recording what people do value and attempting to understand why they value it in the context of psychology, sociology, and economics.

At the general level, there is a difference between moral and natural goods. Moral goods are those that have to do with the conduct of persons, usually leading to praise or blame. Natural goods, on the other hand, have to do with objects, not persons. For example, to say that “Mary is a morally good person” might involve a different sense of “good” than the one used in the sentence “Wow, that was some good food”.

Ethics tend to be focused on moral goods rather than natural goods, while economics tends to be interested in the opposite. However, both moral and natural goods are equally relevant to goodness and value theory, which is more general in scope.


Sometimes the content is so breathtaking, I feel inspired to insert my own image into the story, such as the one feature at the beginning of this post from earlier in the week that was kept on file for the appropriate time to display.

With some working formulas in effect on the PH social media flagships, it continuously points back to this commonly accepted yet seldom discussed and non thoroughly investigated concepts of value and worth, and the link to the description of Value Theory from Wikipedia that is listed above is one that I advise our valued viewers to comb through at their leisure as I believe it to be fairly close to what the root fundamental causes are behind the interest in and advancement of this Internet culture and it’s most frequently used method of connectivity known as Social Media.

Enough with the scholarly talk, as it points to something really simple as with many individuals who use social apps to check in and let their friends and viewers in on their lives and where they are, for whatever reason it seems to show that

the places listed in the check ins are adding value to the individuals who post the information helping to increase their cool factor, where as back on our planet, where we most often choose to write our own scripts, it would usually be in reverse where we would leave the viewer of the posted pimpformation to check out the location and how the value of the destination goes up as soon as we step into the building, which, again is simply

a different and outside of the box perspective to consider.