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How Men And Women See Colors.


[man] noun, plural men, verb, manned, man·ning, interjection

1. an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman.
2. a member of the species Homo sapiens or all the members of this species collectively, without regard to sex: prehistoric man.
3. the human individual as representing the species, without reference to sex; the human race; humankind: Man hopes for peace, but prepares for war.
4. a human being; person: to give a man a chance; When the audience smelled the smoke, it was every man for himself.
5. a husband.


[woom-uhn] noun, plural wom·en  [wim-in] verb, adjective

1. the female human being ( distinguished from man).
2. an adult female person.
3. a female attendant to a lady of rank.
4. a wife.
5. the nature, characteristics, or feelings often attributed to women; womanliness.


Greetings Earthlings!
Can we really have a list of universally applicable terms on this months menu without the two that are listed in the title of this post? Just to be on the safe side, lets ensure that we make them both available for exploration and discussion.

As far as some valid discourse and insight of my own to offer,  I am honestly without any or even qualified to address this subject from an experts position, yet since the focus for this month is on you and yours in regards to thoughts and feeling, this can just be left on the table as is.

The image above is from a website known as which did catch my eye due to some simple yet fascinating differences that arrive from the different perspective that are held by each gender class, and for the sake of better social media solutions and social relations between Earthlings in general, I felt the least we could do is to simple picture both a man and a woman with their different perspectives in the same box as many of the worlds most perplexing problems have proven to have the most simplistic solutions, which again came about by first beginning with the consideration of some different perspectives of the matter.