FORWARD – Obama 2012 Campaign Slogan



1. toward or at a place, point, or time in advance; onward; ahead: to move forward; from this day forward; to look forward.
2. toward the front: Let’s move forward so we can hear better.
3. into view or consideration; out; forth: He brought forward several good suggestions.
4. toward the bow or front of a vessel or aircraft.
5. ahead ( defs. 4, 5 ) .

Welcome Home and T.G.I.M.(Thank God It’s Monday).
The decision has been made to pass the mic over to the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation known as The United States Of America in order to provide some assistance to those who in all likelihood are most able to offer some useful assistance in return, so this week for those interested, we will simply list the definition of the term that begins the title of this post and concentrate the focus of our full attention on what the word entails.

In regards to political stances, the image above was provided by which has some interesting contrary insights to offer in regards to Barack Obama’s policies and campaign slogans which actually reaffirms a wise decision to endorse a vote for Obama in November of 2012 as whether it is like or dislike, media companies are made profitable and employment provision able through the stimulus offered by the current president and then acting as perspective outlets for individuals who wish to receive their news and preferred slants, which are necessary for a like or dislike response to be offered as feedback in the first place.

As a different perspective to consider, I Rylan Branch endorse Barack Obama for reelection in 2012 due to the simple fact that he has proven most effective in furthering the cause of creating, owning, and operating a “pimpish” online publication and brand lending an enormous yet previously hard to find degree of validity, vitality, and value to the idea itself.