GUTTER MONEY – You Too Must Learn The Ways Of The Force

Acquired on Tuesday May 8, 2012

Humpday it is with an interesting and insightful story to close the morning hours with.

Telling it like it is and not like it was, if you were in my shoes, and for some mysterious reason had a tendency to come across various denominations of currency that sits in wait for you in the gutter or in bushes waiting to be noticed, and in this particular case, the gutter just happened to be filled with muddy waters flowing on top of the currency, when you picked up the bill or bills in the condition as seen above as I am sure that you most likely would, and then rinsed it off to get the result as pictured below,

Fresh out of the bathroom sink. Tuesday May 8, 2012


would the thoughts, feelings, and subsequent actions equate to
A. Money Laundering, or
B. Clean Energy Initiatives ?

Either way, it may very well be an end result of those individuals who may be questioning the sources of income that provide for me, and then proceeding to fill in their own blanks with the conclusion that it must be coming in from the filthy gutter, which in actuality, is not far from being literally accurate in regards to how some may picture and interpret the matter.

Moral Of The Story –

There really is none other than to continue on with the mission to continue to spread the news and offer different perspectives for consideration, with todays being as stated in the title of the post along with the video clip below.

“Dont be too proud of this technological terror that you’ve constructed.
The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant, next to The Power Of The Force.”

Darth Vader – Star Wars Episode 4 (Original Star Wars Film)