Mark Zuckerberg Marries Priscilla Chan – Interracial Relationships Part 3

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A day after the historic Facebook IPO, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg updated his status Saturday to “married.”

Zuckerberg wed 27-year-old Priscilla Chan, his girlfriend of nearly a decade, according to a guest authorized to speak for the couple. The person spoke only on the condition of anonymity.

The couple married at his Palo Alto, Calif. home in front of fewer than 100 stunned guests who thought they would be attending a party to celebrate Chan’s graduation from medical school.

Zuckerberg gave his new bride a ring he had designed with a “very simple ruby” to end an incredibly eventful week, according to the guest.

On Monday, Zuckerberg turned 28 and Chan graduated from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, where she’d studied pediatrics.

Then on Friday, Zuckerberg took his blue-and-white web behemoth public in one of the most anticipated stock offerings in Wall Street history.

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What can we say about this image and state of events?

For starters, we can know for certain that when it comes to having high self esteem and worth, the ability to provide support for others goes a long way, especially if the individual or individuals that you are aiding also provide support and assistance for others on various levels, so in this particular instance, we have the founder and current CEO of Facebook with his new bride Dr. Priscilla Chan as pictured at their surprise wedding ceremony that took place yesterday.

Secondly, as the news spread of the Facebook IPO’s lackluster performance on the stock market on its first public trading day, the social media websites were overwhelmed with negative news and views about Facebook, including the social media front runner itself, as many individuals often find it useful to use the Facebook service to offer negative commentary in regards to people, places, and things that they do not like, including the Facebook website that is being used to express the negative point of view, and since hundreds of millions of individuals have a tendency to do much image and status update posting around the world on an second by second basis, including myself when appropriate, it seems only right to create an alternate route that can classify as a “hater free outlet” in which individuals can log in and post and view positive and or useful news and views. As an added bonus and possible solution, somehow the image above is reminiscent of the one that I use here on my personal PH profile which indicates what may be the beginning of a new order and style for the ages.

Thirdly and in closing, the union of now Mr and Mrs. Zuckerberg acts as a continuation of study for this new emerging trend of interracial relationships with the links below

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acting as positive growth in the direction of these new and different perspectives to consider.