Instagram From An Aerial View Perspective

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

The phrase “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” is a safety warning that is required to be engraved on passenger side mirrors of motor vehicles in the USA, India, Canada, Korea, and Australia. It is present because while these mirrors’ convexity gives them a useful field of view, it also makes objects appear smaller. Since smaller-appearing objects seem farther away than they actually are, a driver might make a maneuver such as a lane change assuming an adjacent vehicle is a safe distance behind, when in fact it is quite a bit closer. The warning serves as a reminder to the driver of this potential problem.


Real quick.
For those who may wish to entertain the idea, the questions are as follows.

Do Instagram, Twitter, and many of the new the mobile web applications in general make one “itty bitty”, and if one is in fact “itty bitty” from the beginning, do these applications stunt ones own growth potential through a continuous and prolonged focus on the smaller boxes that contain ones own personal images?

A different perspective to consider.