Google My Celly

And the results are in!!!
Google has finally unveiled its highly publicized yet secretive plans regarding their planned entrance into the world of mobile devices .

They have , as of today
(Monday 11-05-07) announced their plans of creating and releasing a software platform specifically for mobile devices.

The Google Software Stack is scheduled to be released on mobile devices in the second half of 2008.They will NOT be manufacturing phones, nor will they be using their own brand on cell phones (As Of Yet).They have partnered with 4 U.S. phone manufactures and other international service providers to begin releasing phones equipped with the software modifications.

This most likely will lead to the continuance of a new trend in the market place, in which independent software developers will add their own modifications to existing software stacks. In Non TECHNO-GEEK terminology, individuals will be able to better PIMP THEIR PHONES, as is the current trend with the IPhone software package which the Apple Corporation has taken lengthy steps to counteract.
Google, anticipating this scenario, will be releasing its own developmental tool kit this month to see what comes back from innovative minds in regards to what phones can and should be able to do, and do better.

The next logical step is the rumored MULTI BILLION DOLLAR PARTNERSHIP with Your Friendly Neighborhood in hopes of getting you the proper PIMP APPEAL, otherwise stated as that “THING” that we are really in search of, thereby doubling up on the current Google stock share price of $719.51 per share to
a more affordable $1,600 per share.

See You At The Top
Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin