EL SAJJADAH – Illuminating Prayer Rug That Lights Up When Praying To Mecca

Found this link on Google+ provided by Guy Kawasaki and felt it best to post here on PH.
For the technical details regarding this project, refer to this link at the KickStarter.com website..

As for my own personal insight, even I find myself in need of some reassurance at time, as there does seem to be a natural connection of technology and religion as indicated and spoken about here at PimpHop.com at the links below.

The Mouth Of God
Digital Heiroglyphics
Divine Posterization
Calling On A Higher Power
Sacred Temple

In closing, there is an abundance of content that reflects this sentiment that appears to be some form of a movement to help merge the realms of technology and what most would classify as spirituality, and while some of it may have repelled some of our viewers due to the out of the ordinary subject matters which can and does provoke thought, and emotional sensitivity, I applaud Guy Kawasaki and the other brave souls who perceive this as a gateway into something that classifying as huge would be a gross understatement.

An illuminated perspective to consider.